Illustration zum Thema die Entstehung sexueller Vorlieben.

Geneza ukierunkowania pociągu seksualnego

According to current empirical and clinical knowledge, there is no conclusive etiological theory for the formation of sexual preference. Only a multidimensional approach could help us to understand possible reasons why an individual exhibits a particular sexual preference.

Therefore, we should take into account biological, psychological and social factors and their interaction with each other. Biological factors include, but are not limited to, genetic impact, premature birth, handedness and neurological structures. Psychological factors refer to characteristics such as temperament, anxiety, self-confidence, immaturity or habits such as coping mechanisms. Social factors include, among other things, unique childhood experiences, maltreatment, interactions with peers, social class and education.

Clinical experiences and empirical data suggest that sexual preference towards age and gender manifest at an early age as a part of sexual development, and that the essential features remain consistent throughout one’s lifetime.

Sexual preference is not chosen. It is individual like a fingerprint; each is unique but no better or worse than another.

However, the individual meaning we give to having one specific sexual preference or another is a different story. This perspective is determined by our sociocultural background, history, religion, unique life experiences, etc.

In summary, we do not yet know why people exhibit a particular sexual preference over another. However, while we may not be responsible for deciding our sexual preference, we are still responsible for our behavior.

The bad news is: We are unlikely to change our preference.

The good news is: We are able to change what it means to us.

What about yourself?

  • Have you ever asked yourself whether your brain structure differs from other people?
  • Have you ever thought you could be genetically predisposed to your sexual preference?
  • Have you ever wondered whether you have certain personality traits or attitudes that are different from others?
  • Have you ever asked yourself whether you exhibited certain behaviour or habits that differentiated you from others when you were a child?
  • Have you ever experienced violence as a child or a teenager (physical, sexual or verbal)?
  • Have you ever questioned whether you had a normal childhood with a normal education?


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